Injuries From Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Coillisions

Although your bicycling collision is similar to a typical motor vehicle collision, it is also different in many respects. Bicycle collisions typically occur when you, as a cyclist, are highly stimulated both physically and mentally For example, your heart rate and breathing will be elevated. Also, you are likely to be under the influence of a large amount of adrenaline. As a result, a cool mind is important to protect your health and your legal interests.

You should always call 911 and report the accident and wait for a police officer.

Unless you did not have contact with anything, you may have injuries of which you are unaware. Cyclists can hit their head and not realize they have a closed head injury Therefore, it is almost always the best course to take an ambulance to an emergency room.

“He helped me get a new bike and get me through my medical bills.”

Once your health issues are addressed, the next issue is your bike and other property.  Adjusting a damaged or totaled bicycle claim is significantly different than a motor vehicle claim. In addition, you may have insurance coverages on an auto policy that cover your injuries suffered while riding your bike. You may also have subjugation/reimbursement obligations that, if not properly addressed, can develop into a legal obligation later on.

Mr. Houston has been an avid cyclist most of his life and is a licensed bike racer (USA Cycling).  This experience has helped Mr. Houston develop a niche practice in the area. Mr. Houston presents bicycle claims in such a way as to try to maximize both the property damage component and the bodily injury component Mr Houston gives free consultations on bicycle cases

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