Injuries From Truck Accidents and Semi-tractor Trailer Accidents

Injuries from truck accidents and semi-tractor trailer accidents have many different issues compared to an accidents involving, passenger vehicles. Depending on the type of truck, additional state and federal regulations apply, which may come into play and substantially affect tile value of your claim. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations may apply depending on the type of truck involved.

Mr. Houston has prosecuted many insurance claims involving trucks of various sizes and types. In one case, Mr. Houston successfully recovered a seven figure settlement for a client by demonstrating how a company failed to follow the Federal Regulations and the company’s own policies. Often times, it is critical to investigate the accident soon after the collision to preserve evidence.

If you suffer injuries in a collision involving a truck, contact an attorney immediately

Mr. Houston gives free consultations on trucking cases.

“You fight the big insurance companies; you beat them and get justice – the reward and emotional charge is very satisfying.”
Brad Houston

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